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Frequently Asked Questions

How do weighted blankets help relieve anxiety in dogs?

Weighted blankets work for animals in the same way they work for human beings to reduce anxiety. The extra weight provides calming Deep Pressure Touch. Deep Pressure Touch is a firm but gentle consistent pressure. It triggers two responses in the body that bring feelings of reduced anxiety. It firstly shuts off the body’s “fight or flight” instinct that is governed by the sympathetic nervous system. It then activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This causes both the breathing rate and heart rate to slow and the muscles relax. The end result is that your pet feels more relaxed and less anxious.

How do weighted blankets help dogs sleep?

The extra weight of a weighted blanket gives a dog’s body soothing Deep Pressure Touch. Deep Pressure Touch is constant, gentle pressure that first works to deactivate the body’s sympathetic nervous system (the body’s “fight or flight instinct). Next, Deep Pressure Touch switches the body’s parasympathetic nervous system on. The parasympathetic nervous system works to calm the body and mind by slowing the heart rate, reducing the respiration rate and relaxing the muscles. All this helps relax your dog’s body so that they can sleep easily and soundly.

What weight should the weight of the weighted blanket be for a dog?

We recommend adapting the standard Occupational Therapist recommendation for human beings of using 10% of body weight. If your pet’s weight is “in between” weights, please choose the next weight up.

Do weighted blankets work for all dogs?

Unfortunately weighted blankets do not work for all dogs just as ordinary weighted blankets do not work for all human beings. If your dog won’t lie under it, we recommend persisting for at least a week in trying to get them to stay under it. If they do, they will likely come to love the comfort it gives them. As our customer reviews show, Calming Pets’ weighted blankets have worked for many dogs – and they could for your dog too.

Can cats use weighted blankets?

Yes cats can use weighted blankets if they remain under ordinary blankets. Watch out for our cat range coming soon.

What causes the weight in the weighted blanket?

Calming Pets’ weighted blankets are available in weights from 500g to 12kg. The weight is supplied by micro glass beads. These are incredibly fine and – unlike poly pellets – have no sharp edges that could disturb your pet. They are also silent, unlike poly pellets that can whooshing and rustling noises.

Where do you make your pet weighted blankets?

Calming Pets is powered by Calming Moments. Calming Moments operates from its factory in Greenfields, WA. As a result, all our weighted blankets are certified Australian-made.

What are Calming Pets’ weighted blankets made of?

The outside of the weighted blankets is made in your choice of fabric type and colour. We have a wide range of coloured cottons, sensory raised dot minky and smooth minky. We sew two layers of cotton wadding inside the fabric. We then sew evenly spaced pockets into the blanket and fill each pocket with an equal weight of micro glass beads. The cotton wadding helps keep the beads spread evenly through each pocket. This means your dog gets consistent Deep Pressure Touch all over its body. This gives the best calming effect for your pet.

How to wash your Calming Pets’ weighted blanket

All Calming Pets’ weighted blankets are completely machine-washable on gold, gentle cycle if your machine can take the weight. If not, please take it to a laundromat and wash it there. Please do not tumble dry or dry clean.