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Rescue dogs: how weighted blankets can really help these special souls

If you’ve ever owned a rescue dog, then you’ll know that they are often extremely special souls that steal part of your heart.

But you’ll also know that they often move into you – hopefully their forever – home with a lot of baggage.

And you have to guess what that baggage is, because they can’t tell you.

Recognising the signs of abuse

But you can and do guess:

  • If they’re malnourished, with sores all over their bodies, then you’ll guess they were seriously neglected.
  • If they shake and pee all over the floor if you raise your hand, then you’ll guess they were abused.
  • If they are terrified of raised voices, then you’ll guess they were shouted at – and maybe physically abused.

And all this unknown baggage, together with the fact that they were abandoned or lost, means that there is a reasonably high possibility of doggie depression or anxiety. They may also have chronic insomnia because of the mental stress.

You don’t have to use sedatives to treat doggo anxiety

And if you are reluctant to use medication or sedatives, then perhaps consider whether a Calming Pets’ weighted blanket could help.

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