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How Deep Pressure Touch Can Help Your Dog Feel Calmer and More Relaxed

Calming Pets’ weighted blankets help relieve your dog’s anxiety and stress by using Deep Pressure Touch therapy.

Deep Pressure Touch is a firm but gentle, consistent pressure on the body.

This Deep Pressure Touch works on your dog’s autonomic nervous system in two steps to literally calm the mind and body.

Like humans, dogs have autonomic nervous systems that determine how they respond to situations. This nervous system has two key components:

  • The sympathetic nervous system; and
  • The parasympathetic nervous system.

(Just the same as humans.)

Deep Pressure Touch works in two steps on a dog’s body.

Step 1: Deep Pressure Touch “deactivates” the “stress” response

Firstly, Deep Pressure Touch literally switches off the sympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system is activated by stress. It makes your dog alert. 

When a dog gets stressed, the sympathetic nervous system sends a surge adrenaline into its bloodstream. This sympathetic nervous system controls the “fight or flight” response and causes changes in a dog’s body like a faster heart rate, faster breathing and increased blood flow to the muscles.

It also will reduce blood flow to areas that it doesn’t deem necessary to survival in an emergency – like the digestive system.

Constant production of adrenaline can physically hurt a dog. It causes fatigue. It can also cause negative physical changes. These include stopping the digestive system working properly and muscle atrophy. It also makes it more likely that a dog will get sick.

When you put a Calming Pets’ weighted blanket on a dog, the Deep Pressure Touch deactivates the sympathetic nervous system. And so, it stops all these negative physical symptoms of stress.

But the Deep Pressure Touch continues to work to literally calm your pet in a second phase.

Step 2: Deep Pressure Touch calms the body physically

Secondly, Deep Pressure Touch switches on the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the body that manages the body when it does relaxing things.

It does exactly the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system. When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, it floods your dog’s body with chemicals, including hormones and neurotransmitters that literally calm the mind and body.

The heart beat slows. The rate of breathing slows. Muscles relax.

So, you can see, the twin actions of the Deep Pressure Touch can help your dog feel less stressed and anxious in any almost any situation – including staying home alone, travelling in the car or during stressful occasions like visiting the vet and thunderstorms. Ultimately, this helps them sleep better at night. (Dogs with anxiety are often poor sleepers as well.)

And that means you will will also benefit from being able to sleep yourself – instead of calming a frightened dog.

Why a Calming Pets’ weighted blanket?

Calming Pets’ weighted blankets are certified Australian-made. That means that you can be sure:

  • Each and every blanket is custom-made with the correct weight for your dog’s unique body. This means they are engineered to deliver the best calming benefits to your dog.
  • That we have high manufacturing standards and produce only premium quality weighted blankets. This means they will last and you get excellent value for money.
  • We pay our staff fairly in terms of Australia’s legislated pay rates. (This is not the case with imported weighted blankets.)
  • We have solar panels and effectively use solar power to make all our weighted blankets.
  • We custom-make each and every Calming Pets’ weighted blanket for your dog’s unique body with the correct weight (10% of their body weight) to make sure that it has the best possible calming effect.
  • We stock a wide range of fabrics – including cotton, sensory minky, smooth minky and water resistant fabrics. This means you can choose the fabric you love best.
  • Our weighted blankets are available in a wide variety of colours so that you can choose your favourite.
  • Plus, we offer free shipping on all our weighted blankets Australia-wide.
  • And lastly, we haveBuy Now, Pay Later options available.

So why wait? Calm your dog’s anxiety today with a Calming Pets’ weighted blanket.

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