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Dog hate travelling? Here's a way to beat their anxiety without medication

Dog with travel anxiety in cars


Is your dog petrified of being in a moving car? 
Dogs can be scared of going in the car for a number of reasons, including:
  • They're feeling car sick;
  • They don't like the feeling of speed;
  • They may have had a traumatic past experience associated with being in a car (especially if they are a rescue dog).

The problem is, you can't ask them what the issue is and you can't see inside their heads.


Calming Pets' weighted blankets can help soothe travel anxiety in dogs

But the good news is that a Calming Pets' weighted blankets can help you calm your dog's fear and anxiety - all without any medication.

This means that you can get yourself and your dog safely from A to B without worrying about whether they're going to pee all over your car or (worse) try and climb (dangerously for both of you) into your lap for comfort. 

These weighted blankets work by apply firm but consistent Deep Pressure Touch all over your dog's body. This works to:

  • Deactivate your dog's "fight or flight" response;
  • Reduce the level of the stress cortisol in your dog's blood stream; and
  • Literally calm the body and mind by activating your dog's parasympathetic nervous system. This releases calming neurotransmitters into your dog's system that help reduce the pulse rate and slow breathing. 

This all helps your dog to feel physically calmer and less fearful.

The great news is that all Calming Pets' weighted blankets fold up compact and are very easy to transport - so there's no reason not to have it with you in the car.

Here's what one customer had to say about how a Calming Pets' weighted blanket helps her dog who hated the car.

Calming Pets review about using a weighted blanket to keep an anxious dog happy in a car

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