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Dog Got Anxiety? Here’s the 1 Thing You MUST Do to Help

If your dog has anxiety, then you’ll know how helpless you feel as you watch their panic and despair. 

Deal with the underlying emotion first

If any of this resonates, then Julie Naismith – a Canadian dog separation anxiety recovery expert – says there is one key thing you must do.

And that is – simply – to deal with the emotion your dog is experiencing. The fear. The panic.

Easier said than done, though.

And sedative medications only numb the fear and panic. They don’t remove it.

So what – practically – can you do to take the fear away from your beloved pooch?

Here’s one idea.

A weighted blanket for a dog

It can almost instantly help your pet feel physically and mentally calmer. It is a way to help your pet relax – without you having to provide comfort, reassurance and your constant presence.

Weighted blankets can help calm your dog’s stress and anxiety

These are simply blankets filled with beads that you put over your dog when they’re feeling stressed or distressed.

Weighted blankets can help relieve the physical and mental symptoms of fear, panic and overwhelm in dogs as well as humans.So why wait? Get your dog a weighted blanket today by clicking the button below to shop our store.  

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